Past Life Regression

Past Life Regression is something that fascinates a lot people.  Going back in time to a previous life is a truly unique experience with a purpose.  During the hypnosis you can ask your subconscious a question that you would like to know the answer to in this life and quite often you can draw parallels from the past life to this life.  You can go as a tourist or to make some new learnings about a deeper issue such as anxiety.

The process is completely safe and during the hypnosis I use techniques that will help you feel completely at ease.  The journey to embark on is that of wonder and intrigue.  You have the opportunity to explore a completely different world that you live in now.  There is no evidence to say that past lives exist.  It completely depends on your belief system.  Whether you believe it to be true or a significantly helpful message from your subconscious mind it is an experience that can give you hope, comfort and understanding of where you are in the present moment.

The Past Life Regression consists of two sessions.  The first, which lasts 1 hour will be a full consultation followed by and introduction and an experience of hypnotherapy.  The second session will last for 90 minutes where you will experience the Past Life Regression followed by an evaluation.  If you have already had an introduction with me in another session, the cost will be £140 for the 90 minute Past Life Regression session.