The Mindful Gastric Band Program

This highly effective four week Harley Street program, which integrates all three of my therapies: Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapy, Havening and Emotional Freedom Technique, helps you to shift those unwanted pounds.  Some clients lose 7 pounds in the first week and afterwards more gradually.  The program will enable to make those life style changes you need to make more easily than ever before.


In the first session, I will make believe that you have had a gastric band fitted, which will help you to stop snacking and reduce your portion sizes.  It enables you to make that mind body connection so you know to stop eating when you are full.  To really listen to what your body is telling you and gain control.  Ultimately it is your choice what you eat, however with your commitment this program helps you to change your mindset to live the life you want.  I will also introduce you to Havening which will help you to deal instantly with emotional hunger.  Overeating is closely linked to emotions and therefore sometimes we need that extra support to deal with it when it comes on. 


The next three sessions focus on getting to the root cause of the weight issue.  Accessing the subconscious, using parts therapy, regression, positive imagery and, if needed aversion therapy, you can make the changes to your life that you wish to make.  Emotional Freedom Technique is particularly effective if you are looking to stop a bad eating habit or addiction.  Your subconscious mind is very powerful and to be able to access it to change those unhealthy habits, is quite a phenomenon. 

You will be given an audio to support you throughout the program which reinforces the Mindful Gastric Band to create new neurological neurological pathways and firmly embed positive eating habits.

The Mindful Gastric Band Program offers one 2 hour session and three 90 minute sessions.  It is an all encompassing course that will provide you with techniques that you can take away with you forever.   

You also have the option of applying only Hypnotherapy - this is a 4 week course, the first session is 90 minutes, the following three are an hour each.

See what my previous clients have to say...

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Eamon Mulrenan

Had a number of sessions with Stephanie, focussing on reducing my food intake, using the gastric band method. It has resulted weight loss, and an ability to recognise the need to eat appropriate portions. It has heightened my taste of food, and actually allowed me to taste flavours, perhaps not appreciated prior to having the therapy. Quite simply it works, and leaves you confident to approach food differently. Stephanie ensures the sessions are paced, comfortable, and allows plenty of encouragement. I would not hesitate in recommending to others.

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Jess Bulman

I've started week 4 of the couch to 5K and I absolutely love it. I'm enjoying the running so much and the feeling of being able to do it and it getting easier is amazing, it's done wonders for me in all senses.  I'm in such better moods all the time and less stressed at work.  It's been amazing! Still doing big walks and stuff too which have been great! I've not been weighing myself but I can see a massive change in my body, I absolutely love the shape of it, I'm literally looking in the mirror all the time and thinking I'm not sure I've ever loved my body as much as I do now.  I'm buying and wearing things I would never have had the confidence to wear like jumpsuits and I absolutely love the way I look in them. I think I'd even be comfortable in bikinis which I never was and it makes me really excited to get out and buy them! The announcement last night has really spurred me on to push that bit more so I'm feeling confident by the time lockdown is over.  I'll keep you updated, it's all very exciting! 

Martin Fraiel

I wanted to lose weight and live a healthier lifestyle. I approached Stephanie about the weight loss program which consisted of 4 hypnotherapy sessions and listening to an audio file. During the first session it was agreed that the follow up sessions would work on encouraging me to eat new and healthier foods; I had a real issue with trying new foods. Stephanie was excellent at listening to what I was saying and what I wanted to achieve. I'm glad to report that I have lost 22lbs and no longer panic when trying new foods. I’m eating and exercising more and I’m the healthiest I’ve ever been. I would certainly recommend Stephanie to anyone looking to make a change in their life. .

Middle Aged Woman

Sue Merryman

Absolutely amazed at how effective hypnotherapy is. Stephanie is an excellent hypnotherapist. Am absolutely astonished that I have lost weight, no longer snack or feel hungry after just 3 sessions. I can highly recommend Stephanie for the weight loss programme.