The Well Being Program

Perhaps you are feeling stressed with work, relationships or life in general.  Stress causes tension and even physical aches and pains.  Did you know that the mind and the body are closely connected and it has been said that 95% of physical pain is actually caused by stress and upset?  This powerful solution will help you to relax your muscles and achieve a true feeling of inner peace, relaxation and calm.  As if you have had a wonderfully relaxing massage.  

This package is great if you want to work on deeper issues or simply arrange a series of serene mind massages.  After each session you will feel lighter and freer.  A sense of tranquillity.  It's important to give yourself the love and care that you deserve.  For many it is a new experience and one that will be remembered.

Within this Well Being Program, Stephanie uses a variety of therapeutic techniques such as NLP, Advanced Clinical Hypnosis, Havening and Emotional Freedom Technique to help you feel better again and perhaps even more happy than you've felt in a very long time.

To find out more about the therapies that Stephanie uses, please follow the links on the Home Page.

This program consists of 6 one hour sessions.