The Positive Mindset Program

This Positive Mindset Program includes three 90 minute sessions and two 1 hour sessions.  It integrates Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapy, EFT, NLP and Havening into 5 sessions effectively dealing with the root cause of what is making you feel a challenging emotion such as anxiety, sadness, anger or stress, helping you to move forward positively!

This program is effective with a variety of issues such as anxiety, low confidence or self esteem, panic attacks, relationships, depression or business and work issues.  It results in my clients feeling positive, happier, more relaxed and confident!

For more information about the various techniques, please follow the links below:

Calm Sea


Deep relaxation

Are you ready to make wonderful, profound changes to your life?

Girl Running in a Field


Emotional release

Release all that negative emotion so you can feel a sense of freedom.

Ocean Rocks



Using various techniques this therapy can help you turn your life around.

*Please note: There are no guarantees with any therapy that I or any other therapist offers. However I am confident that this program will effectively deal with the anxiety effectively and rapidly.