School Workshop


Managing emotions is key to building positive relationships and having a clear mind to focus.  Release the anger, sadness and frustrations.


Children often find themselves overreacting to situations because they are sensitive and don't have the resilience to cope.  


Empathy is skill that needs to be developed.  Understanding the that others may be feeling similar emotions will be achieved during this workshop.


This is key for children to reach their best potential.  Children need to believe in themselves and create a positive future and believe that they can achieve it.

Emotional Freedom Technique

Start creating positive stories!

During this Neuro Linguistic Programming, Emotional Freedom Technique and self applied Havening Touch®️ workshop, children will be achieving the objectives required by the school curriculum that are aimed at children developing self awareness, empathy, motivation, improving their relationships and cope with worry and anxiety positively.  This workshop is suitable for children of all ages from reception all the way up to KS4.

The kinesthetic techniques that will be introduced to children is a self soothing therapeutic technique that they can learn and take away with them so that whenever they are experiencing difficult emotions, they can deal with them effectively.  This workshop will enable children to:

  • manage their emotions

  • build resilience

  • create a positive future

  • develop empathy

  • feel fulfilled and happy

It is also possible for me to work with small groups of children who are especially struggling with their emotions.  

Structure of the day

  1. an assembly to introduce the techniques, how they can help, a demonstration and an opportunity for children to ask questions.

  2. a 30-45 minute session working in the classroom with the children applying the techniques and completing an activity that will help them create a positive future.

Lesson plan:



  • to develop self awareness 

  • to feel motivated

  • to feel fulfilled and happy

  • Let go of negative emotions

Introduction to the lesson:


Children will be introduced to Emotional Freedom Technique or Havening which will enable to accept and release the negative emotions they are feeling.  I will also show the children how they can create a positive future, achieve their goals and motivate them to stay focused.  Whilst using the techniques the children will focus on what they feel grateful for in their lives no matter how big or how small.  It will be fun, interactive and the children will find it surprising how effective the techniques are. 

Follow up activity ideas suitable for different age groups:

  • Brainstorm what they would like to be when they grow up.  Using resources available such as clay or boxes, children make a model relating to their future occupation.  For example, if they want to be a vet, they can make and paint or just paint their favourite animal. 

  • Draw out a positive path which demonstrates a story from their positive 'what if statement' (see video above), making it really colourful.

  • Write down some antonyms of negative emotions.

  • Children visualise where they want to be when they are older.  Looking back, they can create a plan on how they are going to achieve their goals.

  • Make a list of what they are grateful for.

  • Make a list of what they feel hopeful for.

Depending on time and ability, children can choose what activities they would like to complete during the session.


Children reflect on what they have learned and discuss their feelings.


£250 for the day.

Stephanie Newton has an enhanced DBS as she works with children in her private practice.

Please note, a letter of permission will need to be obtained from parents / carers for children to join in this workshop.

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