Support for you over lockdown.

The biggest question on everyone's mind is 'When will lockdown end?' and 'When will life get back to normal?'. Boris Johnson is continually giving us new updates about what is happening and we are regularly looking forwards and feeling the stress of the Covid-19 situation. Because there is no end date, this can cause us to live in fear and start catastrophising. This is when we predict a terrible future that hasn't happened yet, for example 'What if I get sick, what if a vulnerable family member contracts Covid, what if the world comes to an end!' etc. However, living in the present moment in a calm way and thinking positively about the future is the key to living a happier life.

Stephanie, the founder of Diamond Hypnotherapy, cares and knowing that she has the skills to help lift people's spirits, she is currently offering a fantastic mini therapy session especially to those who are struggling with anxiety and overwhelm during the Corona Virus pandemic. You can arrange a 30 minute free online Zoom session where Stephanie is more than happy to listen, share tips and provide an effective experience of her therapies which includes Emotional Freedom Technique (the tapping therapy) and Havening. This is a fantastic opportunity for you to have a personal one to one session free of charge where you can apply powerful therapies to help you to feel positive! She will even send you a wonderful self love audio so that you can feel good about yourself.

There are many people who have been affected by the Corona Virus Pandemic in many different ways:


First of all, you are doing brilliantly! My goodness what a life transformation. One minute your children are going to school and you have the day free to work or look after the house, and the next you are cooking, cleaning, feeding, helping with school work as well as home work, entertaining and supporting your child with their emotions. It is completely understandable if you are finding your life overwhelming! At the moment the weather is bad so children have less time to burn off all their energy. Keeping an eye on them to make sure they are not disturbing the other parent whilst they are in an important business meeting on Zoom can also be a challenge! Within the 30 minute free Zoom session which is available throughout Lockdown, you can gain a whole new perspective that will help you to feel much calmer. The self love audio reminds you that you deserve to hear kind words and it's ok to give yourself a break.


Children, especially in the early years can find it really difficult to control and express their emotions in a healthy way. If they are having angry outbursts and this is new, think about how Lockdown could be the underlying reason for this. Quite often children who have angry outbursts don't know why so we need to look at the bigger picture. It's not necessarily something you should take personally. With the case of the Corona Virus pandemic, your child is trapped, as we all are, in a situation where they can't see their friends, they're not allowed close contact with family, they can't go to school so their routine has been turned upside down! Realising this, can help us to feel calmer and more forgiving instead of taking it personally or feeling upset when they do have a tantrum. This will hopefully influence their feelings as they see grownups as their role models. You can also start an open conversation with your child about how they are feeling about not going to school or seeing their friends. Ask them if they miss anything and reassure them that it will pass and life will get back to normal again. Provide a steady and structured routine to get them focused. Even do it as an activity and get them to add pictures! You can incorporate something fun into your routine like dancing, cooking, gardening or an indoor treasure hunt! Something happy!

Single people

If you are single then of course meeting new people is probably not as easy. However, going for a walk in the park and getting to know someone slowly could be something positive that comes out of this pandemic! Of course, if you are single then feeling lonely can be an issue. But when you love yourself and feel happier in your own company this will help you to feel more satisfied. Every day keep a gratitude journal and record 10 things per day that you feel grateful for. If you believe in the law of attraction, the more you are grateful for, the more positivity will come into your life! I recommend The Secret Gratitude Journal, it is a great way to keep focused. I'd recommend getting engrossed in a good book or start a course that is of interest to you. Something you feel passionate about! Use the time wisely!

If you have been effected by the Covid 19 pandemic, please get in touch. I would love to offer you this free 30 minute Zoom session. Helping people is my passion, and I am confident that my therapies will help you too.

Please note, that this in no way replaces or offers any form of medication. If you are under doctor's supervision or have any mental condition, please check with the doctor before booking a session. Pease also check the NHS website to ensure hypnotherapy is right for you as Havening and EFT also work with the subconscious mind.

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