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Updated: Jun 9, 2020

When I think about why I became a hypnotherapist, my first thought is that I find the whole thing truly fascinating. The fact that you can change the way you think purely by going in to a trance and have positive things said to you in a particular way so your subconscious can connect is, for me, really exciting. However, when I look back to when I was a child watching the television with my family, I remember quite vividly how amazed I was when Paul McKenna helped a lady who was afraid of heights. The before and after videos really took me by surprise that this lady couldn't bear to look out from the top of a mountain. Then there she was, in the present moment on top of a mountain, feeling relaxed and happy talking about how hypnosis had changed her life. She was no longer afraid of heights but rather embraced life as if she had never had that fear. I thought: I want to do that for someone one day.

So now here I am having taken the diploma in Advanced Hypnotherapy and working with clients so that I can help them too. I feel that I have learned from the best. I was taught in such a way that is so fast and effective that it made me realise just how powerful hypnotherapy is. The teachings instilled my belief even more. After taking each course I realised just how amazingly powerful the subconsious mind is and just how influential it is in your life. Using hypnotherapy to access it is the greatest way known to mankind to take control of your life. If will power isn't working or you don't know how to change, then your subconsious knows all the answers and hypnotherapy gives you access to that.

Of course there are other people who have really had a huge influence in the way I view things and the world. I would definitely say that my grandparents have been my true inspiration of how I want to be. My Nana loves reading books and she seems so knowledgeable about everything related to history and literature. She always took us hiking in the Peaks and Lakes and now it is one of my greatest pleasures. She is also so warm, welcoming and kind to everyone she meets. My Grandad is a big thinker and has always believed that he could make a real, positive difference to the world. They often used to hold open garden parties to raise money for various charities. It was wonderful!

I'm also very lucky to have very supportive parents who love that I have decided to become a hypnotherapist so I can help people. I feel very proud and inspired by them too.

Thank you all :)

Mount Kinabalu, Borneo

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