Lockdown Survival Tips by Diamond Hypnotherapy

Updated: Feb 12, 2021

Covid 19 is quite possibly the most challenging time of our lives. It's understandable if you are suffering from negative thinking patterns, are feeling generally down or feeling like there is no hope. However, there absolutely IS hope and at the moment your mind is reacting to the current situation. It is natural for the mind to view things in a negative way so unless you have trained it to face up to these types of challenges positively, you might be finding things more difficult. This article sets out a few helpful tips that will change your mindset for the better! For optimum results, practice these tips on a daily basis.

1). Be grateful!

I know it sounds strange. What could there possibly be to be grateful for during these unprecedented times?! However, being thankful, sets your mind up for happiness and fulfilment. It completely changes your point of focus. Start out with very small things, starting each sentence with 'I am grateful that...' For example, 'I am grateful that I have a mobile phone to contact my family and friends', 'I am grateful that the sun is shining', 'I am grateful that I can enjoy going out for a walk'. Then think about people who love and care about you in your life, your home, perhaps your job, your colleagues, the joys in in your life. Make a list of 10 new things big or small everyday! You will soon start to feel fulfilled and much happier as you will be focusing on the positive things in your life.

2). Give yourself a break from watching the news

Watching the news too often can be really draining. A lot of the time, the media hype things up to increase their ratings as does YouTube or whatever other sources of news there is associated with Covid 19. Your mind can become overwhelmed with all the negativity. Take a break! Go for a nice walk, read a book, have a chat with someone fun. Laughing and smiling is a much better way to cope than engrossing yourself in what is going on in the media or online. Keep updated occasionally rather than at every moment.

3). Invest in yourself!

This could be anything from reading an interesting book, taking a course, being productive, starting a new project or even reflecting on how you want to improve your life! Everything will get back to normal again at some point, but why not prepare for an even better life after lockdown?! This is your opportunity to take time to plan and provide something great for your future! I have so many offers on at the moment. Please browse my therapies to see what suits you. Whilst your saving money from staying away from bars and restaurants, why not use it to make a true investment in yourself.

4). Watch your use of language.

Quite often we use the words 'What if...' to start a sentence of impending doom! This can really take our mind on a path of destruction! It is almost like a self fulfilling prophecy because what this does, is it tells a story that your mind becomes totally involved in! It is as if your subconscious mind is being guided to plan for this event! HOWEVER, if you use 'What if...' to start a POSITIVE sentence your mind will love to become engrossed in this story just as much! It will take your mind down a really positive path full of happiness. It will help you tell a story to ACHIEVE that positive 'What if...' statement. Give it a try 'What if I become a successful...' 'What if I can be productive during lockdown?' 'What if I can feel calm and relaxed?' This activity really builds your resilience as you come to realise that these what if statements are achievable.

5). Be kind to yourself and others.

This is a time where everyone, including yourself needs to feel good about themselves! We all need to feel happy, carefree and calm. Pay someone a compliment, do something kind that someone will appreciate. Even something small like a phone call or doing something that needs to be done. So you can have a happy mindset, notice when you are being unkind to yourself. Recognise when your inner critic is at work and tell it to go away and reassure yourself that you are doing ok, that you are a lovely person, that you CAN do it. Your subconscious mind is always listening and believes everything you tell it. so make sure you always speak to yourself positively.

I hope these lockdown tips helped. Please feel free to get in touch if you would like further support in lockdown.

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