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Havening is an rapid breakthrough therapy which uses a variety of techniques incorporated into the session so that you can let go of emotions and past events that are effecting you now.  Havening is a psycho-sensory therapy developed by Ron Ruden, which is based on neuroscience.  Paul Mackenna has successfully demonstrated this technique to the United Nations on the International Day of Happiness. 

Being part of the Havening International Community is an incredible community to be a part of.  With regular training and demonstrations, Stephanie Newton is consistently uptodate with all the most recent techniques that will help her clients flourish.  She has attended the same conference as Paul McKenna and has personally asked him questions about his Havening demonstration.  

Havening is a deceptively simple technique where the therapist facilitates the Havening or the client self havens whilst applying the various Havening techniques.  NLP can also be integrated into Havening which means it is very effective.  Havening works by generating delta waves that are produced when stroking the face, arms and hands.  Also by using bilateral eye movements.  It is a very gentle but powerful technique that decodes from the brain bad memories so that you can move forward and put those memories that are the cause of an issue, into the irretrievable past.  By the end of a session, you will have disassociated from painful memories and be able to recognise a positive, happy future.