Cancellation Policy:

Manchester and Online:

  • Clients must give 48 hours notice if they wish to cancel or postpone any appointment, otherwise they will lose the session.

  • There will be a 14 day cooling off period after payment, unless you book your session within this time frame. Otherwise:

  • Clients have only 24 hours in which to request a refund for any appointment or program from the time of payment.

  • If cancellation occurs outside of the timeframe above, a credit note will be given or the session will be rearranged.

  • If participants drop out of group sessions that have already been organised, no refunds will be granted so please ensure participants are committed.

  • Online session intake forms must be completed before the session, otherwise the session will be lost.

  • If a session needs to be cancelled due to circumstances such as acts of God or changes in the law, the session will be moved online or postponed.




  • Clients will be charged in full if they cancel at anytime due to travel arrangements.

  • If the therapist cancels and no alternative date can be found, clients will receive a full refund.