Anxiety, Relationships, Confidence

Going beyond suggestion hypnosis, Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapy allows you to access memories that are associated with any issue you might be having and gives you the ability to completely overcome them.


You may think you may already have the answer to what event caused the problem but perhaps the subconscious knows differently.  Within regression I progress with Gestalt therapy.  This is a very effective technique that accesses your inner child, giving you a completely new perspective and a profound healing process.  

Accessing the subconscious and parts therapy allows us find out what part of you is holding on to the problem, let that go and replace it with something more advantageous to you.

Once you have gone through the healing process whilst in hypnosis you can wake up feeling like something has changed.  Like you have let go of something that was holding you back giving you the freedom to live your life how you'd imagined. 


After hypnotherapy you will feel like you have that inner peace you have always deserved.

Structure of the sessions

Session 1: An introduction to Advanced Clinical Hypnosis, a full consultation and an experience of hypnosis

Session 2 onwards: using clinical advanced techniques dealing directly with the issue until you feel it has been dealt with.  Quite often there are different aspects or experiences that are related to a problem and we deal with them one at a time.